Firm expected to complain about DSGi's netbook comparison advert in the Sun last weekend

Carphone may lodge ASA complaint

The Carphone Warehouse is expected to lodge a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority over an advert that DSGi ran comparing their laptop and broadband offers.

The advert, which was in last weekend’s Sun, had a side-by-side comparison of Carphone Warehouse’s Elonex Webbook deal and PC World’s own brand version of the same netbook, the Advent 4211.

In it, DSGi is said to have highlighted that the Advent 4211 has better memory capacity and has Windows XP in comparison to the Webbook, which runs Linux. It also highlighted that it was offering the device for £20 a month, in contrast to Carphone’s £25 a month deal.

However, Carphone is said to have taken issue with the advert, with one source telling Mobile: "They’ve completely ignored really basic stuff like their laptop is £280 and ours is £220, and the fact that customers are signing up to 18 months with us and two years with them."

The source added that the firm is likely to launch a fight back campaign in an attempt to clarify its offer.

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