Thinnest ever Nano and Touch revealed by Jobs at Apple event; iTunes set to receive overhaul

New Apple iPods unveiled

Apple has taken the wraps of the latest version of its iPod Nano and Touch, with Steve Jobs making a joke about the recent leaks that initally broke the news of the new version.

Speaking about the announces, Jobs said: "We’re confident that this line up will give us the strongest product range we’ve ever had in the lead up to the holiday season."

The new iPod Nano is set to recieve a major overhaul, with the firm detailing the thinnest-ever device, with it set to feature the accelerometer from the iPhone and iPod touch.

The addition of the device means that can now display content not just in portrait mode, but also in landscape mode when tilted. The technology is also at the centre of the model’s Shuffle mode, with users shaking the device to enable it.

Jobs revealed that the new Nano will come in 8GB and 16GB devices, with them shipping by the end of next week. The new iPod Touch would ship with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models.

A recent criticism of the firm has been battery life problems on the iPhone, with Jobs revealing that the new Nano will have 24 hours of battery life when it comes to playing music and four hours for video. The iPod Touch is set to benefit from 36 hours of music life and six hours of video.

One thing that is likely to appeal to customers is the wide variety of colours, with around nine various colours available. He also detailed plans to ship various earphones, including ones based on those supplied with the iPhone – coming with inline controls.

The firm is set to discontinue the the ‘fat’ version of its iPod Classic, and is set to update the capacity from 80GB to 120GB. He also revealed details of the iPod Touch, with it being thinner, and comes with side controls and external speakers.

It is set ship with Nike+iPod, with the receiver built in.

Jobs also announced details of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch 2.1 update, which fixes many updates. The update will be available for iPod Touch devices immediately, while the update for iPhones will be available Friday.

iTunes is set to receive an overhaul, aimed at improving the accessibility of the program, Steve Jobs has revealed at Apple’s press event.

iTunes 8’s feature’s include a rejigging of the way that album, television and film covers are displayed, as well as Genius; a way of finding similar songs to the ones customers like.

Genius is also set to feature in the new Nano.

He revealed that the firm would be brining HD televisions shows to iTunes, but it was unclear if it would be arriving in the UK anytime soon.

Jobs also managed to make a joke about Bloomberg’s recent accidental release of his obituary.

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