Performs nine times better than traditional storage

Intel releases new SSD storage

Intel has announced the launch of its two new solid-state drives for desktop and laptop computers.

The X18-M and X25-M drives are based on multi-level cell NAND flash technology and have increased storage system performance by nine time in laboratory tests.

Available in 80 gigabyte form, with a 160 gigabyte model expected later this year, the drives achieve read speeds of 250 megabytes per second and write speeds of 70 megabytes per second.

“Validated by our rigorous testing and OEM customer feedback, we believe that we have developed an SSD that delivers on the promises of SSD computing,” said Intel vice president and general manager of the NAND Products Group, Randy Wilhelm.

"By combining our experience in flash memory design with our processor and computing expertise, we have added advances such as our parallel 10-channel architecture, proprietary controller, firmware and memory management algorithms that address write amplification and wear leveling issues to redefine SSD performance and reliability for computing platforms."

The 80 gigabyte model is available now and is priced at $595 for quantities up to 1,000.

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