Recently acquired brand set to help Norton publisher to reach emerging markets

PC Tools to expand Symantec’s control over security market

Symantec has said it expects its recent acquisition of PC Tools to enable it to further expand its market leading position.

Speaking to PC Retail, Peter Rae EMEA PR director said: "The combination of PC Tools and Symantec will provide additional value and choice for consumers worldwide to better enable and protect their digital life.

"By adding PC Tools, we build on the market-leading success of Symantec’s consumer offerings and firmly position ourselves for continued incremental growth in a rapidly expanding market," added Rae.

Explaining the reasoning behind the move, Rae said: "PC Tools will expand our reach with consumers in emerging regional markets and brings an array of go-to-market capabilities that have been effective with consumers in many markets around the world."

However, he was keen to allay any fears that the two ranges could cannabalise each other’s sales: "While there are some areas of technology overlap, such as basic antivirus and firewall, PC Tools brings unique complementary technologies such as PC maintenance and utility capabilities.

"Also, PC Tools’ automated response infrastructure leverages several of its security technologies, and will provide additional coverage of emerging threat types."

However, when asked if retailers could expect to see PC Tools preloaded on to PCs in a similar fashion to Symantec’s Norton range, Rae said that the two products would keep their current sales models.

"There are no changes planned for the PC Tools sales models. We will continue business as usual, offering Norton products through its established go-to-market models and PC Tools products through its established go-to-market models."

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