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Web search giant unleashes contender to Microsoft?s Internet Explorer, tailored to modern internet use

Google launches rival web browser

Google has moved into the web browser space, challenging Microsoft’s up until now practical dominance of the sector with Internet Explorer.

Rather than simple page rendering, Google Chrome is tailored to be more adept at handling modern web browsing activities, such as video, gaming, and other web based applications.

The other key thing about Chrome is that it runs separate functions independently, so HTML, Javascript and Plug-ins will all be compartmentalised and processed separately in different parts of the architecture, essentially to stop them getting in the way of each other and slowing everything down. This has been called multiple threading, but Google insists the technology goes further than that and should be called ‘multiple processes.’

Security wise the it also has a number of advantages, mainly thanks to essentially putting up a wall between the browser and the computer itself, ensuring malicious files from websites can’t work their way onto the hard drive.

In order to explain Chrome, Google has put together a comic which can be seen here.

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