The PC Gaming Alliance's Horizon Report crushes speculation on the end of PC gaming

PC gaming remains a force to be reckoned with

The PC Gaming Alliance has unveiled key findings from its Horizon Report, which found that PC gaming was a $10.7 billion dollar industry during 2007.

Additionally, retail only accounted for 30 per cent of overall revenue, while digital distribution generated nearly $2 billion. Online gaming revenue was the PC gaming markets biggest performer, generating $4.8 billion, nearly double amount made by global retail sales and in-game advertising accounted for $800 million.

It’s clear that the PC gaming market can no longer be measured by retail sales as so many PC gamers are internet based. The director of the PCGA, Randy Stude, said: "Our analysis clearly shows incredible growth in online PC gaming, proof that this industry is far stronger than anyone has reported. Today’s consumers shop where they live – online."

Alex St. John, CEO and founder of the online gaming network WildTangent, believes that there will be no console market by the year 2020 as the struggle between retail and publishers will leave the way clear for the PC to become the gaming platform of choice.

"Its obvious that we’re looking at the last generation of consoles. The game market will be dominated by ad-funding, micro-payments and massively multiplayer games. The retail business for on-the-shelf boxed games will completely dry up.

"The only reason a retailer carries a console is because of all the games they sell. If the platform holders are monetising games online, the retailers don’t have a reason to give them shelf space. So the online model puts boxed games out of business. That puts power in the hands of the developers."

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