'Game changing' trade organisation to dramatically shake up channel with major financial clout

German buying group set to invade UK channel

A new buying group has entered the fray, headed up by PCA chairman Derek Jones, who told PC Retail that it is unlike any organisation in the UK channel today.

Synaxon UK is part of Synaxon PLC, a German based buying group possessing what Jones describes as game changing ‘financial clout’.

And while the UK wing is very much still in the process of setting itself up – with Jones revealing it will be sending out details to PCA reseller and retail members later this month – it has already sent a clear signal to the other buying groups in the channel such as Brigantia and NBG that it means business by becoming a major sponsor of the trade association.

"Synaxon has demonstrated over many years just how a successful partner organisation should be run, to the extent that it is now keen to extend that model into the UK, which quite frankly hasn’t seen anything like this ever before." Jones described many of the benefits of the organisation, including its real time stock procurement platform EGIS.

Foreshadowing its impact on the UK channel, Jones revealed that the system currently has 3,000 dealer users in Germany with access to over 12,000 products from 111 distributors.

However, its financial strength won’t just have an impact on the channel in terms of its buying strength, as Jones explains: "For the PCA to be able to do all the things that I and the directors want it to be able to do, it needs a major funding boost, and Synaxon provides that."

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