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Organisation hopes move will boost margins for members and increase business

FixITlocal signs insurance deal

Service group FixITlocal has signed a deal with the UK’s largest provider of computer maintenance insurance, which it hopes will drive business.

The deal with Burnetts means FixITlocal resellers will be able to offer insurance backed up with next day service from either themselves, or another FixITlocal reseller.

Speaking about the deal, managing director of FixITlocal John Carter said: "Many specialist maintenance companies are not interested in meeting the needs of smaller and medium-sized businesses.

"Those that do are faced with the constant challenge of covering the entire country and that – as anyone in the more remote areas will know – is not always easy," he added.

"Also, if they go happen to go bust or pull out of the servicing business, you will be left high and dry without any cover or any easy way of getting your money back."

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