Global server sales rise in Q2, as IBM takes 31.2 per cent of revenue

IBM extends server lead

The worldwide server sales grew 5.7 per cent in Q2, reaching $13.8 billion in total according to Gartner figures.

IBM extended its leading revenue position during to period, snatching 31.2 per cent.

2.3 million units were shipped, a rise of 12.2 per cent. HP continues to lead in terms of units shipped, with Dell closing in just behind after a successful quarter.

"In spite of economic constraints in some markets like the United States, on a worldwide basis, servers continued to grow," said Gartner’s research vice president Jeffrey Hewitt. "The most significant driver in the quarter continued to be an upswing in x86 server replacements that started in the first quarter. This, coupled with Web data centre build-outs and growth in emerging markets, produced solid Q2 results."

Link: Reuters

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