Computing giant to raise the bar with ?Dunnington? chips

Intel prepares six-core processors

Intel is set to release the successor to its top line quad-core offering, a six-core Xeon processor codenamed Dunnington.

The Xeon X7460 will apparently be based on the firm’s 45-nanometer Penryn technology.

While the prospect of six-cores will seem an awful lot of power to most people, Intel will also be beginning production on Nehalem in the fourth quarter of this year, which will scale to eight-cores.

Dan Olds, principal analyst with the Gabriel Consulting Group said: "This is a big deal. It looks like, at least from the benchmarks we’re seeing, that six-core chips offer more performance than quad-cores. So, yes, customers are going to want them. What we don’t know is how much power the chips consume and how much heat they will dissipate, and those are key concerns. But, all in all, this is a pretty big advance in the state-of-the-art and all the major vendors are on board."

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