Kiosk vendor says it is focusing on US expansion, especially with Best Buy, in near future

Zoom: ‘No UK plans yet’

Zoom Systems has said that it currently has no plans to expand into the UK, although it recognises that it is ‘a key market’.

The firm is currently working with Best Buy in the US to roll out gadget kiosks in various airports, as reported by PC Retail last week.

When asked if the firm had any plans to work with firms in the UK, Zoom Systems spokeswoman Stephanie Bowler told PC Retail: "At this time there is no firm plan or commitment for expansion in the UK. However, we recognise that the UK is a key market in which we believe consumers would respond well to our ZoomShops."

Bowler alluded to the machines possibly coming over with Best Buy, though she was keen to stress that initially, the only international expansion plans set in stone were those for Japan: "Our future international expansion plans will be established in conjunction with the expansion plans of our brand partners.

"Our international expansion efforts will commence with pilot installations in Japan later this year, but for the immediate future, we are primarily focused on US expansion."

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