Second largest PC vendor moves to defend lucrative business laptop division

Dell launches fresh laptop assault

Dell has updated its Latitude line of business laptops with ten new models, designed for improved on-the-go working conditions for a new class of ‘digital nomad’ worker.

In order to facilitate this concept of providing business people with improved tools to work while away from a fixed office, the ‘E-Series’ laptops have a 19-hour battery life and are more lightweight.

Aesthetically the range has also been given a lick of paint, with customers now able to choose from five colours – specifically Mica-Brushed Metal, Regatta Blue, Regal Red, Quartz Pink and Matte Black.

It is expected that this is a move by the PC vendor to gain market share on global leader HP, by injecting new life into what has historically been a very strong division for it.

“Since 1995, we’ve shipped more business laptops worldwide than anyone,” said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell. “This, and our five million plus conversations a day with customers, gives us real insight into the needs of the digital nomad. Today we’re translating that insight into breakthrough productivity, portability and design. The new Latitudes are breathtaking.”

Coinciding with the new range, Dell has also launched what is essentially a social networking site aimed to further bolster this idea of facilitating a class of worker often not based in an office. The site, Digital Nomads, will apparently allow members to “share ideas, tips, tricks and best practices” and also allow live updates to Dell conferences.

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