Vendor announces new direction after acquisition as it details plans for retail

Rock and Stone build new future together

Following the May buyout of the high-end laptop manufacturer Rock by UK vendor Stone, the firm is set to expand its hardcore gaming laptops product range and extend its after sales service.

Speaking to PC Retail Nick Boardman, formerly of Rock, and now Stones’ director of mobile technology said: "Our core product lines target the gaming market and we believe that hardcore gamers prefer not to buy online and so are actively seeking retail partners that have both the knowledge and passion for gaming.

"Looking to the future we plan to extend our reseller network to include retailers with showroom and demonstration facilities to highlight the potential of the product."

The acquisition by Stone gives Rock a monetary boost as well as giving it access to Stones’ large technical staff pool, allowing Rock to bolster its focus on customer care.

"We hope that our relationship with Stone will open up new opportunities to provide our customers with next day on-site support, making our after sales service a hard act to follow indeed and a major selling point for our channel partners," said Boardman.

With an emphasis on showing potential customers what they can buy, Rock has a bus that has been set up to showcase the hardware. Nick Boardman clarified: "The Rock bus is fully set up to hold LAN competitions and demonstrate the Rock portfolio.

"We hope to take it out and hold shows to demonstrate our products and fully plan to support our retail partners and support reseller launches by utilising the bus."

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