PC Gamer magazine puts it to the vote

What?s the best PC game ever?

Future publishing’s PC Gamer is inviting readers to vote for their best ever PC game.

It will be the first top 100 put together by readers, rather than previous and apparently controversial listings compiled by the PC Gamer staff.

The data base has over 600 titles to vote from, including favourites such as Doom, Half-Life, BioShock and Command & Conquer.

PC Gamer’s own top ten was:

10 UFO: Enemy Unknown
9 Planetscape Torment
8 Hitman Blood Money
7 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
6 Portal
5 Medieval II Total War
4 World of Warcraft
3 Half-Life 2
2 Deus Ex
1 Team Fortress 2

 “For years our readers have always reacted to our annual Top 100," said Ross Atherton, editor of PC Gamer UK. "This is every gamer‘s chance to tell us their opinion, and to tell the whole world what the best PC games ever are. With our American colleagues, we urge PC gamers to take five minutes to vote, and help us give the PC gaming world a voice.”

To take part, head over to http://www.pcgamer.co.uk/top100

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