Top exec attacks physical disks, claiming downloads are what people want

Microsoft reiterates Blu-ray opposition

Having backed the loosing side in the HD-DVD versus Blu-ray war, Microsoft is now attacking physical disks completely – claiming what people really want is high definition streaming and downloads.

Don Mattrick, senior vice president of interactive entertainment at Microsoft said: "I think that what people want is digital high-def content, I think that’s what our box provides, and we’ve announced several movie partners – and one in particular, Netflix, for the streaming technology."

In what is thought to be a reference to the slight quality reduction in downloadable content over Blu-ray disks, Mattrick continued: "People love being able to download and interact instantaneously with high-def content. I don’t have to go somewhere, I don’t have to buy a disc, I don’t have to pay a 12-14 dollar or 6-7 pound premium to do that. I don’t have to have my face be two feet in front of my TV to see the difference."


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