Apple receives nominations in 11 categories

British Technology Awards unveils shortlist

Incisive Media has released the nominations for the British Technology Awards, which will take place in October.

The awards look set to confirm the British consumers’ passion for Apple, with the vendor being nominated in 11 categories, closely followed by Microsoft which is slated for nine.

Due to the way in which the awards have been structured, the ceremony promises some interesting contests. Windows Vista is up against the Toyota Prius in the Greenest Technology category while iTunes goes head to head with Guitar Hero for the title of Best Music Technology.

The Most Indispensible Technology category is set to be an epic battle, with Google Maps, Apple iPod, BBC iPlayer, Sky, Virgin Media, Apple iPhone, Facebook and BT Broadband all having a nomination.

Paul Allen of Incisive Media said: “The British Technology Awards have been designed to be the most mainstream awards of their kind. This isn’t the place for a ‘Best Flatscreen TV’ category – we want to know what the man, woman, young, old on the street thinks. These awards aren’t the preserve of audiovisual nerds – they’re real people who use and enjoy technology on a day to day basis, and we can’t wait to find out how they vote.”

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