Distributor unveils credit lending initiative to support reseller network

C2000 offers ?100,000 to resellers

Computer 2000 will launch a new program in August which will allow its reseller customers to borrow up to £100,000 in credit over a year.

Apparently, resellers will be able to start a credit line at £5,000 or at their current setting, and this will be raised incrementally if 75 per cent of it has been used and paid back in three months.

“We have had an informal approach to credit over the years,” said Nick Tiltman, credit director at the firm. “But in these trading conditions it was either a case of tightening belts and restructuring our credit lines, or actually doing something that helps resellers ride through the difficult times and come out the other side more successful.”

“We think the incremental business we will gain in the SME sector will outweigh the risk. We are financially in a very strong position and have a good record of credit management.”

Link: CRN

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