Singer accuses firm's iPod and iTunes ranges of being the music equivalent of 'Fisher Price toys'

Neil Young rocks Apple with a verbal hurricane

Singer Neil Young has launched a scathing attack against Apple’s range of musical products, comparing them to ‘Fisher Price toys’.

Best known for songs such as ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ and ‘Like a Hurricane’, Young set his sights on Apple’s ubiquitous iPod and iTunes, lambasting them for placing convenience ahead of audio-fidelity at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference, which took place earlier this week.

Addressing the attendees, Young launched into his attack stating: "Apple has taken a detour down the convenience highway. Quality has taken a complete backseat – if it even gets in the car at all."

While Young did not go into details, the audio experts on PC Retail’s sister magazine Audio Pro International suggested that he might be referring to compression technology used in various music formats, such as MP3; in particular that it reduces the spectrum of sound so that loud parts of songs are perceived at almost the same volume as softer, quieter parts.

He pointed to Blu-ray as the direction he’d like to see music go in, allowing uncompressed music to be put on disc for the enjoyment of the masses.

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