The most concrete evidence yet that Rockstar?s epic game is heading to PC surfaces

GTAIV heading to PC?

Seeing as previous Grand Theft Auto instalments have nearly all arrived on PC in the end, it isn’t surprising that talk of GTAIV hitting the format has been bounding about for ages – but now the biggest hint yet the game is on the way has hit the internet.

An asian blog (courtesy of has posted an image of what appears to be an upcoming copy of PC Gamer, the cover of which carries what appears to be confirmation of the long-awaited port.

It’s not the first time we’ve been lead to believe the news of the conversion has arrived, with the French press claiming much the same in January. More recently a response from Rockstar technical support was seen by some as an unofficial confirmation.

GTAIV was released on April 29th this year worldwide and sold in numbers too huge for our fingers and keyboard to replicate.

Image: Courtesy of Kotaku

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