Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster says firm may make move to compete against rise of netbooks

Analyst predicts sub-?500 Apple laptop

Following Apple’s third quarter earnings call, speculation has been mounting over the new products that chief financial officer Paul Oppenheimer spoke about, with analysts at Piper Jaffray becoming the latest to add its voice to the discussion.

Speaking to Apple Insider, analyst Gene Munster said that he believes there is a high chance of around 80 per cent that the firm may make a move to compete against the rising tide of netbooks.

Amongst the predictions, Munster suggested that Apple may launch a laptop, less powerful than its current MacBook line up, but still with the MacBook’s 13-inch screen but coming in at under $1,000 (£500).

He also suggested that Apple may cut the price of its MacBook Pro range. "Apple may re-enter the $999 price point (it is currently at $1,099) with the MacBook, or test the $1,799 price point with the MacBook Pro (currently $1,999)," Munster said.

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