Prices of processors drop 31 per cent in some cases

Intel cuts prices

Chip maker Intel has announced that it is to slash the prices of seven of its processors.

The biggest cut was in the Core 2 Duo range; the 3.16 GHz E8500 was reduced in price from $266 to $183 – a cut of 31 per cent. Other chips saw less of a cut such as the E8400, which was cut by 14 per cent to a price of $163.

This follows price cuts of up to 50 per cent in April and comes just a week after Intel reported a healthy second quarter.

Dan Olds, principal analyst at Gabriel said: “They’re going to be bringing out new designs. Then they’ve got to look at their older stuff. The new stuff is faster and better, so you have to cut prices on the old stuff to keep it moving.”

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