Company becomes the third largest PC vendor in the US during Q2

Apple claims third place

Apple has moved up in the PC vendor ranks, selling the third largest amount of PCs in the US and posting growth rates nine times that of the industry average during Q2, according to research firm IDC.

Apparently Apple shifted 1.3 million computers, representing a 32 per cent increase over the same period last year.

Dell continues to hold the top spot with 32 per cent market share, followed by HP with 25.1 per cent. Apple just beat Acer to take third place, selling 2,000 more units. However technically both firms represent 7.8 per cent of the US market.

"That’s a pretty significant move on Apple’s part," said David Dauod, analyst at IDC. "But it’s definitely predictable. They begin to market to schools and the educational market in the second quarter, and they’re responding to bids from school systems.

"Its momentum is pretty impressive. Apple executes its market strategy better than any other company. It’s consistent in its message, that message is always out there, and it markets to the niches that are most relevant to it, particularly people with disposable income who can afford to buy its products."

Link: Computer World

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