Vendor unveils its new consumer and business laptop range

Sony launches new VAIO

Electronics giant Sony has today launched its latest VAIO laptops.

Scheduled to hit the shops in the next few days, the VAIO range will be the first mobile computers in the UK to utilise the Intel Centrino 2 chipset, which was launched earlier this week.

The new range sees Sony consolidating its consumer base with the top of the line FW model being billed as ‘the Ultimate Screen Experience’.

The business models represent a new push for Sony over the previous range. Talking to PC Retail, David Spratt, marketing manager for Sony VAIO highlighted the new direction: “We went to the user-end of the market. We asked them what it was that they were looking for in a business laptop and tried to build as much of that in to the new design as possible”.

The result is a range of robust laptops with features such as fingerprint identification to discourage theft, splash resistant keyboards and drop protection technology that preserves hard drive data if the computer is dropped or shaken.

“This range of VAIO Business notebooks represents a significant evolution in our offering to the business market,” says Nicholas Barendson, head of VAIO’s UK business unit. “We are constantly responding to what the market is telling us. Professional end users know what they need for their businesses; security, reliability and mobility. We provide the best of these features and functionality, all wrapped up in a beautiful design.”

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