?Argos-style? store opens in Bristol

Tesco launches first catalogue shop

Retail giant Tesco has launched a new catalogue based, in-store order and collect service in its non-food Homeplus division.

In a move that is thought to have been based on the Argos trading model, the service has been rolled out as part of the new Bristol Homeplus operation.

Tesco currently has eight Homeplus stores, however, unlike the others this store includes a ten thousand square foot storage area for Tesco Direct products that can be ordered and collected on site.

It has also been reported that Argos staff paid visits to the new Homeplus to scrutinise the business.

The launch will be seen as a shot across the bows to troubled rival Argos, which has been rocked by upcoming strikes and distrubution problems.

Last year, Tesco direct reported sales of over £180 million, a figure that is bound to be boosted when Tesco launches another nine Homeplus stores by the end of the year and adds a further 80 Tesco direct desks across the country.

Link: Retailweek

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