Moulster says operating system is 'fastest selling ever'

Microsoft dismisses Vista criticism

After attracting a fair amount of criticism for Vista, Microsoft has come back swinging – defending the operating system by claiming it is the most popular and fastest selling version of Windows the firm has ever released.

After announcing that it would be providing support to XP for an extended period – offering patches and updates until 2014, which will be the longest time it has done so for any one of its operating systems – many industry watchers were quick to claim this move was due to a comparatively low uptake of Vista.

However, Ian Moulster, Windows Live commercial product manager at Microsoft UK rebuked these claims, saying: "More than 140 million copies of Windows Vista have already sold, making it the fastest selling operating system in Microsoft history.

"Over 2.5 million enterprise PCs are running Windows Vista around the world. UK consumers have embraced Windows Vista with sales in the first six months exceeding even those of Windows XP making it our most popular OS to date."

When asked about the rising popularity of Open Source, Moulster continued: "We believe that Windows Vista is the best, most secure, and most advanced OS."

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