VP of consumer Windows marketing tells partners it is time to set the record straight

Microsoft slams Apple over ‘lying’ ads

Microsoft has accused Apple’s PC and Mac adverts of spreading ‘lies’ and ‘myths’ about its Vista operating system and have promised to respond by launching a campaign to disprove a lot of the misconceptions that surround its operating system.

Speaking at Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference in Houston, Texas, the firm’s vice president for Windows consumer product marketing Brad Brooks avoided naming Apple directly, but made it perfectly clear that he was talking about its Cupertino-based rival.

"They say it’s the i-way or the highway," commented Brooks, promising partners that the firm would seek to dispell the mistruths Apple was spreading about Vista. "We think it’s a sad message. We think it should be, move to Windows Vista. The time to worry about Windows Vista is over.

"There’s a conversation in the market place right now and it’s plain wrong. Windows is awesome, Windows Vista is a good product." Avoiding citing the exact lies and myths, Brooks said: "As my daughter said: the "truth will make us strong".

"Today we are making a statement and drawing the line right here that we are going to do things differently. That we are going to tell our story," he told the crowd.

Source: The Register

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