Over 40 per cent of smaller firms plan to invest in PC hardware

India: Small businesses to go digital

Nearly half of India’s 2.6 million small businesses that do not own PCs have plans to install them in the next 12 months according to a study by AMI partners.

Non-PC owning small businesses account for a large and growing segment of the Indian economy, displaying a healthy economic trend with over three quarters of them reported a growth in revenue last year.

Dev Chakravarty, senior analyst at AMI partners said, “Non-PC small businesses are gradually realizing that computerization and automation is the first step towards managing rapid business growth – this probably explains a shift towards PC purchase plans”.

When asked where they would prefer to buy their PC equipment, 57 per cent of the small businesses surveyed said they would prefer their local retailer.

“However, an interesting trend is also the rising popularity of value-added-resellers as a preferred channel – mainly due to their personalised service and support,” said Chakravarty. “Non-PC small businesses need considerable hand holding in the initial stages, in terms of installation and occasional troubleshooting. And herein lies the utility of VARs”.

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