The bi-monthly Quick & Easy Guide to launch tomorrow for ?5.99

Future launches new computing title

Special-interest media giant Future has announced the forthcoming launch of the latest title from its computing portfolio – Quick & Easy Guide.

The new bi-monthly publication promises to give in-depth guidance on a chosen subject in every issue, offering computer users expert advice on how to get the most from their software.

Its first edition Quick & Easy Guide to Windows Vista, which has been timed to coincide with the recent release of Vista Service Pack 1 will give the latest information on the post-update operating system.

It is aimed towards existing Vista users who might need a quick guide on getting to grips with the changes wrought by SP1; and also new users, many of whom would have held off on switching to Vista until the stability and compatibility issues have been resolved by this update.

With the ubiquity of SP1 guaranteed, Richard Keith, publisher for Future’s computing and games portfolios is confident:

“The Quick & Easy Guide is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the knowledge of Future’s industry leading experts. A dedicated guide gives us the chance to go into comprehensive details about a different subject in each issue, arming users with all they need to know bout getting more from their computer.

“Thanks to the release of SP1, Windows Vista now supports even more hardware and software, and users are finding it faster and more stable. With more people switching to Windows Vista than ever before, we can expect an influx of new users wanting to get to grips with the operating system.”

The Quick and Easy Guide to Windows Vista hits shelves on July 2nd.

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