Majority of Britons see online retail as the greenest way to shop

69% of UK thinks e-tail will save the environment

Research by GfK has identified that 69 per cent of people in Britain believe that using online retailers is better for the environment.

The survey, which canvassed 2270 households, also showed that consumers are keen to use more green initiatives, if retail was to provide them.

“Online shopping is synonymous with saving money but our research shows that people also see it as a way to save the environment,” said James Rudd, commercial director at GfK. “It is perhaps uniquely British that we feel we can help the environment by shopping, but it is certainly an important factor in choosing to shop online.”

“Online retailers have been keen to stress their green credentials, but there’s still work to do. Our research shows that many shoppers will use services such as green delivery slots or no carrier bags, but too often they are not given the choice or are not even aware they have it.”

Link: Retail Bulletin

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