Body targets Overclockers and RedPC Services alleging illegal software use

BSA accused of ‘headline grabbing’ over latest legal action

The British Software Alliance has targeted a major UK online PC retailer, accusing it of using illegal software and failing to co-operate with its anti-piracy investigations.

Overclockers, which recently won a PC Retail Award for best online retailer, the BSA claims failed to supply a satisfactory response to the body; alleging that the retailer is using unlicensed Microsoft and Adobe software which could run into the tens of thousands of pounds.

However, managing director Rupert Loman is adamant that the firm has done nothing wrong. "We are taking the BSA’s request for information very seriously and are currently looking into its claims," he told CRN.

Despite that, the BSA are on the warpath with senior director of legal affairs EMEA Sarah Coombes stating: "The BSA and its members are happy to advise and support businesses that need guidance through the licensing process. These cases, however, called for a alternative approach.

We tried to work with these businesses, but a lack of co-operation left us with no alternative but to pursue this through the courts. Companies need to understand that failure to adequately account for the software they use cannot be tolerated."

However, the other firm at the centre of this "storm in a teacup", RedPC Services’ managing director Martin Prescott accused the organisation of "trying to grab a headline."

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