Major survey unveils key personality traits of avid technology consumers

Technology consumers are ‘arrogant’

A major survey of US consumers has found that technology addicts tend to share certain characteristics, including leadership, assertiveness, but also arrogance.

The online study, which evaluated the purchasing habits and the personality of over 25,000 American adults, found that those classed as ‘avid technology consumers’ tended to score highly in tests measuring leadership skills and assertiveness.

However, it also found that many tend to score highly in terms of arrogance, with Mindset Media, the online ad agency that carried out the survey in partnership with Nielsen Online, suggesting that the results may explain why brands, such as Apple, are so important for those described as avid technology consumers.

"A lot of previous research points to wealthy young males as early adopters of technology," said lead research at Mindset Media, Sarah Welch. "But this study tells us that there are characteristics beyond age, gender and income that are also extremely highly correlated with tech consumption."

"There an element of pride in being able to have the latest and greatest gadgets, not just in the realm of technology, but in all other areas," she added.

Source: Reuters

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