Reshuffle at tech giant?s printer and cartridge operation designed to combat downturn

HP overhauls printer division

HP is to embark on a major reshuffle of its printing group, which will see five units merged into one, as part of an initiative the firm’s CEO Mark Hurd hopes will reinvigorate the division which has suffered from a consumer and business customer base less reliant on printing.

The changes are set to take place this summer, and will see the laser jet and commercial printer units merged into one, and the ink jet and consumer supplies into one, alongside changes in the graphics unit.

Historically the printing division has been a life-line for the firm when other divisions have suffered, but increased internet use has apparently damaged sales of printers and cartridges.

Many are expecting the reorganisation to spark job cuts, however a spokesperson for the firm said she “didn’t expect large layoffs as a result of the changes.”

Link: The Wall Street Journal

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