Mozilla?s latest web browser downloaded over eight million times in first 24 hours

Firefox 3 sets new global download record

The release of the newest version of Mozilla’s popular web browser, Firefox, has seemingly set a new world record for the largest number of downloads on launch day.

Mozilla claims that Firefox 3 was downloaded over eight million times in the 24 hours following yesterday’s release – and whilst The Inquirer reports that The Guinness World Records organisation has yet to approve the figure, if it does it will represent a new world record.

To date the US has been the most prolific downloader, grabbing the software over three million times. There have so far been 385,000 downloads in the UK- making it the second largest downloader of the package.

Firefox 3 reportedly boasts over 15,000 improvements over its predecessor, most significantly of which is enhanced surfing speeds. It currently competes with the likes of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari and Opera Software’s Opera browser – which itself has just been updated to version 9.5.

Click here to try out Firefox 3 yourself.

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