Retailer produces checklist of products to sell in order to ensure tech compatibility

Currys highlights ex-pat tech problems

A recent investigation by Currys has found that many families moving abroad don’t know that some – if not all – of their technology products will not work fully – if at all – when they arrive in their new country.

The retailer has seen an upsurge of ex-pats asking the retailer for advice on equipment, which they either took with them when they moved or have bought from the UK to take advantage of cheaper prices, only for them to find out that the don’t work.

In response, the retailer has issue a series of tips for both customers and its employees when dealing with expats, or those that will soon become one. Firstly, it is highlighting the vast array of different style plugs used around the world, with the retailer saying that there are a total of 13 different socket styles, and suggesting that customers find out what type their new home uses and purchase adaptors.

Secondly, it is recommending the use of convertors for products such as hair dryers, steam irons, shavers and toothbrushes and tied into that, thirdly, the sale of transformers for use with computers, televisions, CD and DVD players, as well as printers, fax machines and answering machines.

It is also pushing the sale of new televisions, citing that televisions over five years old won’t work abroad because of their single tuner, and that DAB radios bought in the UK will only work with stations that use a 128kbps signal – which in Europe, according to Currys – are few and far between.

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