Consumers see Sony, Apple and Microsoft as most innovative brands

Tech brands top innovation survey

Technology brands have topped a consumer survey of innovative brands, conducted by Incite.

The branding consultancy asked consumers to name the brands that they felt were the most innovative, with Sony, Apple and Microsoft dominating the top three positions.

The survey, which asked nearly 500 people ranging from 18 to 65, was dominated by technology brands, with 15 of the 20 positions being occupied by consumer electronics brands including Virgin, Nintendo, Panasonic, Google and Dell. Other notable firms were Tesco, eBay and Amazon.

It found that 74 per cent of customers respect brands that they perceive as ‘constantly moving forwards’. It also found that while 85 per cent of consumers want products that make their lives easier, 60 per cent were against the idea of creating new products for the sake of it.

Source: Brand Republic

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