Analyst predicts iPod halo effect will repeat itself with 3G iPhone

iPhone to boost Mac sales

Apple’s 3G iPhone may provide a major boost to sales of Mac computers, analysts a predicting, following a similar effect the original model and its iPod brethren had.

Citing internal research, Needham & Co analyst Charles Wolf said in his investment note to customers: "Our past surveys indicated that a Windows user owning an iPod was more than twice as likely to purchase a Mac as a Windows user who did not own an iPod. If anything, the iPhone halo effect should be far more powerful than the iPod halo effect."

Speaking about the new pricing structure for the device, he said: "Apple is going for volume with the iPhone. We estimate that demand for the iPhone should increase over four-fold in the wake of the 50 per cent reduction in its price."

He did have a warning saying that although Apple has so far proved resilient to the economic environment, pressure from the macro-economy could begin to bite soon. "The major risk in the Apple story is macro-economic in nature. A slowdown in consumer spending could dampen Mac sales, the major driver of Apple’s growth."

Source: Macworld

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