Study finds males are more likely to buy a technology product for its brand than women

Men influenced by tech-brands more than women

Men are far more sensitive to technology brands than women, according to a the results of a study carried out by US market research firm PMA Foresight.

The study, which looked at brand preference when shopping for digital cameras in the US, found that men are more likely than women to express a desire for one brand over another when considering a new purchase.

According to the figures, Canon came out on top as the most desired brand with 23.4 per cent of men naming it their preferred brand, compared to 21.9 per cent of women. Nikon and Sony followed seeing those asked expressing interest 15.3 per cent/12.6 per cent and 10.6 per cent/9.9 per cent respectively.

In stark contrast, only 1.5 per cent of men and 1.3 per cent of women described Samsung as their first choice brand.

Only Kodak and Olympus saw more women describe it as their preferred brand than men.

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