Analysts say landmark is a sign that the format is becoming mainstream

Blu-ray movie sales surpass 2007 figures

Blu-ray movie sales have passed the 11 million mark according to the latest figures, prompting industry analysts suggest that the format is finally beginning to gain traction amongst customers.

Research by US market analyst firm Redhill also showed that sales of the format had overtaken those of 2007 by May this year. Blu-ray movie sales only accounted for two per cent of total movie sales during 2007, however, Redhill’s figures suggest that the format may account for as much as eight and ten per cent of total sales by the end of 2008.

However, head of Microsoft Game Studio Shane Kim told Home Media Magazine that he doesn’t see "the format taking off, in general." Microsoft, of course, had backed rival high definition format HD-DVD, which pulled out of the race earlier this year and has since become vehement supporters of digital downloads.

Players are also on the rise, with market researcher Strategy Analyst predicting that there will be 57.4 million Blu-ray compatible devices – standalone players, PlayStation 3s and BD PCs – in the US, Europe and Japan collectively by 2012.

Source: The Register

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