Quark officially shows off next version of its professional DTP software

QuarkXPress 8 unveiled

Quark has officially taken the wraps off the latest version of its professional desktop publishing software.

QuarkXPress 8, which PC Retail initially reported details on over a fortnight ago, which will be launched in the next 60 days according to Quark, is the firm’s attempt to win back users lost to Adobe’s rival InDesign program.

Speaking to MacWorld, Quark’s general manager of desktop technology Tim Banister said: "We really sat down to change QuarkXPress and change the number of mouse clicks it takes to get stuff done. Really, we went back to the fundementals."

The firm is upping its compatibility with other programs including Adobe’s Creative Suite, Apple’s iPhoto, as well as any other programs that support the drag and drop feature. It will also be able to drag content from a variety of programs including Microsoft Word in QuarkXPress 8.

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