'We want to become synonymous with buying motherboards at retail'

Foxconn to launch retail push

Foxconn has revealed that it is planning a major push into UK retail with it planning to spearhead the move with its Quantum Force range, the firm’s UK managing director Stephen Ling has revealed.

Speaking to HEXUS.channel‘s Scott Bicheno, Ling said: "The reason we’re [launching this push] is because we’re moving more into retail, away from from just being a system-build product maker."

He was keen, however, to state that this wasn’t simply about getting its products into retail, but that the firm was looking to set up a full support network up behind the scenes to deal with all aspects, including a large focus on RMAs.

"RMA is a major bugbear for retailers, resellers and distributors alike and it’s down to the vendors to support the channel and reduce the amount of time it takes for a reseller to get a replacement product," Ling added.

"To [enter retail], you need need to have a much better RMA service. You can’t just bring out a new product range and expect people to buy it if you don’t provide the right level of service to go with it," he continued.

Ling said that the main aim of the firm was to become synonymous with buying motherboards. "What we want, ultimately, is to get to the point that when people think of motherboards, they think of Foxconn," enthused Ling. "This retail drive is primarily concerned with motherboards," before going on to praise the recent success of its case and VGA business. "Our number one product priority is motherboards," he stated.

However, it the fact is that Foxconn is better known for its system-builder reputation but that is something Ling is hopeful that the retail push will change. "Quantum Force is part of a move to broaden the perception of our brand. Foxconn wants to turn itself into a retail brand," Ling added.

When asked where he wanted to be, he replied: "If you look at the motherboard market, Asustek has a very strong brand recognition and that is the sort of thing we are aiming for from an awareness point of view. Obviously, we are aiming to have better products and better service behind it. On the product and service side, Abit has a good reputation."

Speaking to Bicheno at the recent Quantum Force roadshow, held last Saturday at PC Retail award winning High Street independent YoYoTech, owner CK said when asked his opinion on Foxconn’s chances: "I think we have a new contender for gaming number one – if they can keep it up, they could be giving Asus a hard time.

"Foxconn does have the muscle to take Asus on and there is currently high demand for high-end boards, which Asus has never been able to meet," he added. "I’m really looking forward to working with Foxconn because they have shown me a real commitment to the end-user, as opposed to just concentrating on big etailers and distributor, which is nice to hear from a manufacturer."

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