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Non-x86 chipsets due to be officially revealed at this year's Computex

Nvidia set to launch CPUs

Nvidia is set to launch two CPUs as it seeks to compete with Intel and AMD’s dual operations, despite telling PC Retail recently that it saw the future of processing in GPUs.

According to information sourced by The Inquirer, the CPUs will be called the Tegra APX 2500 and the CSX 600/650 and will not be x86 based.

The Tegra APX 2500 is, according to the site, an ARM11-based chip and is set to go head-to-head with Intel’s recently announced Atom chipset in the handheld market.

The chip will come in a 144mm² package – not die – and is designed to be able to handle 720p encoding and decode at 14Mbps. It is also said to be able to support many of the features last generation of GeForce cards were able to do, including AA and AF.

The CSX600 and 650 is said to be aimed at larger machines, but will not run Windows XP nor Vista due to its non-x86 architecture. It is apparently aimed at laptops with larger screens than handhelds and smaller than ‘normal’ laptops.

Further information is set to be released about the devices when they are officially launched at this year’s, with some expected to break before the event begins.

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