Analyst report predicts Apple products will dominate the digital home scene in five years

Apple to take over living rooms by 2013

Analyst firm Forrester Research claims that the realities of liberally used phrases such as ‘convergence’ and ‘the digital home’ will be led by Apple, as its new products become the forefront of home audio and video information technology.

The findings made up the report titled The Future of Apple, in which analyst James McQuivey said: “The home destination is where Apple wants to roost.”

More specific predictions contained within the report include an all-in-one remote which controls every piece of audio equipment in the house, network enabled digital photo frames, Blu-ray versions of the AppleTV, in-home installation services and revamped Apple stores focussed on the aforementioned ‘digital living’, ‘digital home’ and ‘convergence’ buzz-phrases.

In terms of Apple’s computing interests, Forrester predicts that the Mac platform will evolve to further facilitate such activities as video editing, buying content, and sharing photos.

“We’re not pretending to have some kind of crystal ball, but I’d be surprised if we’re wrong on the fundamentals, even if we are on the products and the timing,” said McQuivey.

Source: PC World

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