Country-bumpkins overtake city-dwellers when it comes to broadband uptake, Ofcom reports

Rural homes take lead in broadband stakes

Government regulator Ofcom claims that British rural homes are now for the first time more likely to be connected to broadband internet that their urban counterparts.

The BBC reports that the regulator states that 59 per cent of rural homes now boast a broadband connection, compared to 57 per cent of urban residencies. This is the first time the out-of-towners have lead this particular race.

Ofcom chief exec Ed Richards stated: "Our report highlights a closing of the geographical digital divide in the UK. Rural households are today as well connected to broadband as their urban neighbours."

Sunderland ranks as the most connected city, with 66 per cent of homes on broadband. In contrast, Glasgow is the least connected with a figure of 32 per cent.

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