Europe: Ordered to refund ?130 to customer for unwanted pre-installed Windows and other software

Asus falls foul of French law

A French court has ruled that Asus must refund one of its customers a total of €130 (£105) after it told Hordoir Robinson that the cost of refunding his money would be more than the amount he would receive.

In France, it is illegal to sell hardware with pre-installed software without the ability for the buyer to obtain a refund for unwanted products, including the operating system; and while Asus was willing to refund the cost, the French consumer association believed the costs the firm was citing were well in excess of what should be reasonable.

The court agreed and ruled against Asus stating that only offering an expensive route to receive a refund was tantamount to refusing one. The firm must also pay €150 (£120) in legal fees, according to the full ruling of the court.

The case follows a similar ruling in September last year that Acer ordered to refund the cost of the Windows, as well as other software that came pre-installed including Norton Antivirus and PowerDVD.

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