USA: Latest NPD figures show firm sees two-thirds of all sales over $1,000

Apple dominates premium laptop market

Apple controls around two-thirds of the retail sales for laptops over $1,000 in the US, according to new figures from market research firm NPD.

According to the figures, 66 per cent of all new laptop purchases in the country over $1,000 were MacBooks, with NPD putting much of the firm’s success down to Apple’s success in building a retail brand renown for high-levels of staff knowledge and store design.

It also warned that price erosion within the laptop market thanks to the move towards sub-notebooks such as the Eee PC was causing people to shun more expensive laptop models; suggesting Apple’s brand may be helping to keep sales strong.

Vista also appears to be causing problems for laptop sales, with NPD noting as it one of the top three reasons why people are either looking to avoid upgrading or switching to rival operating systems.

Source: The Inquirer

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