USA: Vendor to support sponsorship of ceremony with print, online and TV campaign

Lenovo unveils major Olympics push

Lenovo has launched a major advertising campaign in the US ahead of the launch of the Olympics this summer in Beijing.

The vendor, which is the official sponsor of the event, it hoping that the event will provide the catalyst to increase its market share in the US – something that the firm has so far struggled to do.

Much of the campaign will involve the roll out of print and online adverts in the coming weeks and the launch of TV spots closer to the event in August. Much of that will focus on building the brand as one of that focuses on the lifestyle rather than the sum of its components as it targets the affluent consumer market in the UK, Europe and US.

"If people view PCs as an assembly of standardised parts, they’re not going to be willing to pay much for one versus another," Lenovo’s head of consumer product lines. "But if they’re considering how the computer reflects them or is an expression of their personality and values, there’s brand loyality, emotional excitement and, frankly, a more profitable product."

Via: Scrippsnews

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