Sub-brand to stay but move away from gaming

Dell clarifies XPS plans

Dell has clarified the situation with regards to what it is intending to do with its XPS and Alienware sub-brands after a week of confusion following initial reports in the Wall Street Journal that it would ‘killing off’ the former.

According to a post on its Direct2Dell blog, the firm will be moving its XPS brand away from gaming in favour of its Alienware brand as reported by the WSJ, however, it will not be killing off the XPS sub-brand as initially reported; rather the firm will be moving it towards a more premium position as hinted by the recent launch of its XPS One PC.

"The XPS isn’t going away," said Dell’s consumer liaison for community John Blain. "Though, it may go in new directions as hinted by the XPS One and the slimline XPS m1330.

"The imminent disappearance of XPS isn’t on the itinerary, though. Things are changing for the better," he added.

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