NAS device fails to bite into AirPort profits, despite analyst fears

Time Capsule sees strong first month sales

Despite analyst fears, the latest figures from market research firm NPD have shown that the recent release of Apple’s Time Capsule has not impacted sales of its AirPort Extreme router.

It had been feared that the NAS device, which allows users to back up the contents of their Mac over the network, would eat into sales of Apple’s standalone router.

"Time Capsule had a great first month," NPD’s vice president of Industry Analysis Stephen Baker, told "There was a lot of pent up demand and it did tremendous. We’ll reserve our long term judgement for a few months just to see if it has legs."

He added that there are no signs that the device may see demand falter as its theorized saturation point was reached, saying: "I’m not expecting this product to peter out, but it pays to be circumspect after only one month of sales."

Baker also paid homage to the vendor’s retail stores. "People focus on the iPod for its halo effect, but there is a halo around all of the products. The untold story is that this stuff is just flying off the shelf in the Apple stores – they don’t get nearly enough credit for the value proposition that the stores bring."

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