Retail Vision: CMS Computers to bring Intel's 'one laptop per child' project to UK

Sub ?200 PC steals show

CMS Computers has announced the launch of the Classmate PC, an ultra-cheap, very small rugged notebook for children, which will arrive in the UK at the end of July.

The machine will have an RRP under £200, and is the product of Intel’s ‘one laptop per child’ project which has been a success in the developing world, but as yet has not been introduced to western and developed markets.

CMS Computers will distribute the PC on behalf of Intel in the UK, and retailers will be able to further customise the branding on the unit itself.

During the show the PC has apparently generated a great deal of retail interest, and CMS Computers has already got on board with a number of big retailers in the UK which cannot be named.

Rob Jones, marketing manager at CMS Computers told PC Retail: "It’s going to be one of the biggest products this year because it’s specifically aimed at children. Unlike the Eee PC this has Windows XP installed on the entry-level system. We’ve already got huge commitments from some the major retailers in the UK, but it will also be available to smaller and independent retailers.

"Early indications are already are that this is going to be the product that kids are going to want. And it’s a good educational product which a parent should feel good about buying for their child.

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