Evangelist Kleef states that Vista is most secure OS yet and attacks are the fault of user attitudes

Microsoft: Malware infections are user’s fault

Microsoft has blamed user "complacency"f for the majority of malware infections in the most verbal attack against the operating system’s detractors since its launch.

The comments from Microsoft evangelist Michael Kleef come less than a week after the chief executive of PC Tools Simon Clausen stated that Vista is more susceptible to malware than the eight-year old OS Windows 2000.

Kleef, writing in a Technet blog post, rebuffed Clausen’s comments and said that PC Tools figures were more representative of poor user habits and behavior than weaknesses in Vista’s security.

"The number of virus infections found by a virus vendor does not necessarily equal poor security. In many cases it equals poor user behaviour. If I, despite all prompting and consent behaviour, choose to go to a (probably dodgy) website, accept the ActiveX control prompts to download (probably dodgy) code and I actually choose to execute that code then I’m hosed."

He added that complacency was a major factor in many infections and that users’ ‘it-won’t-happen-to-me’ attitude had to change if the number of malware attacks were to decrease.

Via: Silicon.com

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